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Registration and booking process - Learn Spanish at Spain University

Registration and booking process

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Registration process

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  • 2. Payment
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Course Information
    Alicante University
  • Barcelona University (UAB)
  • Complutense University
  • Malaga University
  • Nebrija University
  • Salamanca University
  • Santiago de Compostela University
  • Uni Alacala de Henares
  • Valladolid University

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Registration process

  1. Fill carefully this form with your personal information and the University and course you select.
  2. Within 48 hours of receiving your registration you will receive aresponse from confirming that we are processing your request.In this confirmation we will also send you information about how to paythe initial deposit.
  3. 1-4 weeks after having received your deposit you will receive theconfirmation letter from the University of your choice by email orregular mail.