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Spanish Courses At Autonomous University of Barcelona

Study Spanish Courses At Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

Barcelona University (UAB), SpainAt the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) theSpanish Language courses are organized by UABIdiomes. UAB Idiomes Barcelona is the modern language school of theUniversitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Apart from the Spanish language courses theyalso offer lots of other foreign languages.

The schoolis located in the centre of Barcelona near the Sagrada Familia Cathedral. Thebuilding is art nouveau (UAB-Casa Convalescència) and is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Studentscan join various courses offered by the UAB Idiomes, like the intensive course, the individual course or a combination ofboth and group courses. Other courses like the Study Abroad Program are offered by Fundació UAB.

Intensive Spanish Language Course

A monthly course offered throughout the year for students who wish to learn Spanish to access courses at the university or just for fun. This program normally has the widest variety of students regarding age and background. To get the certificate, students must take a Spanish language coursefor at least one month and then pass the exam of Sufficiency set by theAutonomous University of Barcelona. This certificate will state yourscore on the exam and will define the Spanish level reached.

  • Hoursper week: 20
  • Levels:All
  • Courseduration: from 2 to 42 weeks
  • Start Dates:

Prices are valid from 01-Jan-2020 until 01-Sep-2020

Prices(20 Spanish) lessons/week
 Official PriceOur Price
2 500€ 500€
3 750€ 750€
4 960€ 960€
5 1200€ 1200€
6 1440€ 1440€
7 1680€ 1680€
8 1920€ 1920€
9 2160€ 2160€
10 2400€ 2400€
11 2640€ 2640€
12 2880€ 2880€
13 3120€ 3120€
14 3360€ 3360€
15 3600€ 3600€
16 3840€ 3840€
Extra 240€ 240€

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Study Abroad – Semester course

Thisprogram was designed for students who wish to spend a semester at the UAB tostudy, but do not speak enough Spanish to join the regular Spanish courses.
All classesare taught in English except for the Spanish language classes and BusinessSpanish classes.

Each subjectis 45 hours long and students will receive a certificate at the end of thecourse to obtain credits at their home University.

Classes taught in Spanish:

  • Spanish Language & Culture course (90 hours)
  • Business Spanish course (45 hours)

Classes taught in English:

Cross-Cultural Management (S & F)   Managing Services (S & F)
European Business History (S)   International Finance (S & F)
International Marketing (S)   Spain in Europe - An urban approach (S & F)
International Business (S & F)   Spanish Civilization and Culture (S & F)
International Economics (S & F)   Spanish Contemporary Art (S & F)
Supply Chain Management Introduction (S)   Spanish Culture and Art Heritage (S & F)
Strategic Behaviour in
Business and Economics (S & F)
  Business Analysis (S)
Strategic Management of the Firm (S & F)   Spanish History (S & F)
Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation (S)   The Political Economy of European Integration (S)
E-Commerce and Online Businesses (S)   Mediterranean Politics and Culture (S)
Politics, War and Economy in the Age of Globalization (S)   From Empire to Nation: an Economic History of Spain (S)
Cultures without States: The Case of Catalonia (S & F)   Barcelona. City Planning and Architecture (S)
Understanding the European Economy (S & F)   International Marketing Strategies (F)
* 45 hours each class
(S) = Spring Session
(F) = Fall Session

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Study Abroad – Summer Course

Thisprogram consists of a series of 45 hours long subjects taught in a short periodof time (4-5 weeks). Students may choose from the following classes:

Classes taught in Spanish:

  • Spanish Language & Culture (45 hours - different levels)
  • Español para los Negocios (45 hours)

Classes taught in English:

  • International Business (45 hours)
  • International Economics (45 hours)
  • International Marketing Strategies (45 hours)
  • Spanish Civilization and Culture (45 hours)
  • Spanish Cultural and Art Heritage (45 hours)

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*Double rooms only available when reserving with a companion.
**Amenities are not included in the accommodation fees.
***Upon arrival a deposit is required by the landlord. This will be given back to you when you leave the apartment, but only if it is left in the same condition as it was upon arrival.


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