Spanish - Terms and Conditions

Refunds and Changes:

Spanish will Refund:

All Accommodation changes (i.e. type of accommodation, where and when) are free of charge when communicated to up to 4 weeks before the arrival date. When communicated later, all changes are subject to availability and are charged a minimum fee of 50€

Course and Accommodation Bookings:

The Spanish courses and accommodation provided by can be booked independently or together as the client prefers. It is therefore possible to book a Spanish language course with OR without accommodation and it is also possible to book ONLY accommodation through

Spanish Language Course Fees:

In we offer Spanish courses from Spanish universities and in most Spanish programs we are able to offer our clients a special discount (compared to the official price) as we share part of the commission we earn on signing up a student with the Spanish course providers.

The Spanish course fees, available on this website (including our special discounts) are set based on the official price provided by the individual Spanish schools. If the fees are changed by the individual school we therefore reserve the right to adjust the fees advertised on our website.

Registration Fee:

When booking your Spanish course or accommodation through you do NOT pay any registration fee. We are paid a commission directly by the Spanish schools and universities when we sign up a student and we do in fact SHARE part of this commission with our clients, which is the reason why we are able to offer prices below the official prices.

Accommodation Deposit:

With most of the accommodation offered by it is required that the student pays a deposit (maximum one months rent). The deposit will be reimbursed upon departure after the room and flat have been inspected (and no damage to the accommodation has been made), you have turned back the keys and left the accommodation ready for the next student to move in (cleaned and in the same conditions as when you entered the room).

This deposit is a normal requirement in Spain and is paid directly to the landlord or to and we will pass it on to the landlord. The deposit is a matter between the landlord and the tenant and the only part takes in this issue is providing information on the amount of deposit required to be paid.

You will be notified by before your arrival on the exact amount of the deposit and how to pay (normally it is paid upon arrival when receiving the keys).

Accommodation - Included in the Price:

Costs as water, electricity and community fees are included in the accommodation fee unless it is clearly mentioned that they are not included (i.e. for long-term stays in shared flats in Granada or Salamanca University these fees are not included). Although costs are included we will only cover reasonable use and if the costs are higher than the average usage students will have to pay up the difference.

Many flats in Spain work with gas on bottles and as these have to be ordered and paid directly by the students living in the flat this cost is not included for shared flats (approx. cost is 4-7€ per person per month).

Normally there is a washing machine in the student flat but in some cases there is a common washing area for the block where each user pays for their washes.

There are very few student flats in Spain that have a fixed phone line installed (landlords do not want to be economically responsible for calls made by the students renting the flat) and therefore they do not have internet connection. If students want to it is normally possible to get this installation but they will have to pay and arrange it themselves.

Students are also responsible for minor maintenance of the flat such as change of light bulbs or change of gas bottles.

Accommodation Visits:

If you are planning on having friends or family staying in your room/flat you will need the permission of either or the landlord. Some landlords do not allow for visits at all, whereas some do not mind short term visits and there are also landlords that charges a fee for having sleeping guests. To avoid any conflict please advice us in advance about having friends staying in your room - if you know for sure that someone is going to visit you in Spain then let us know before we arrange your accommodation.

Leaving Accommodation:

All rooms and flats rented through are to be left in the same condition as upon arrival at the accommodation. The landlord will keep the right to charge the cleaning and damage repairs of the accommodation directly to the student if this is not followed.

The accommodation has to be left on the exact date as confirmed during your registration with If this is not followed and you have not reached a special agreement with we reserve the right to keep a part of your deposit.

Late Fee:

All registrations received within 4 weeks of the starting date are subject to a late fee of 50€ due to the increased cost of finding accommodation on short notice.

Arrival & Departure:

When booking with you can decide when to arrive and leave. This means you have the possibility to arrive earlier or stay longer (than your dates of study) and this way, you can combine vacation with studying. During some periods of the year it might not be possible to arrive early or stay longer but in this case you will receive a notification directly from after we have received your registration.

Airport Pick-Up:

Our airport pick-up service includes airport pick-up to your accommodation only upon your arrival and NOT transportation back to the airport upon departure.


Classes cancelled by local holidays will normally not be made up by additional classes.

Text Books:

Text books are included in some, but NOT all, Spanish course programs. Please contact us to get more information.

Additional Activities:

Some Spanish courses schools arrange additional activities (i.e. visits to museums, excursions) which are not included in the Spanish course fees.

Disclaimer of Liability: is working as an independent agent and cannot be held liable for any damage occurred to you during your stay and your travel to and from Spain, inside Spanish language shools or outside.