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Study Spanish at University of Madrid (A. Nebrija)

Universityof Madrid Antonio Nebrija

Camps of Madrid University Antonio NebrijaUniversity of Antonio de Nebrija in Madrid is a private, independent university that is officially recognized bythe Spanish government. The school has many international programs and since1985 has had its own center specifically designed to teach Spanish to foreignstudents. The University is spread over two campuses in Madrid, one a bitfarther out of the center (Campus de la Berzosa), and the other in theuniversity area of the city (Campus de la Dehesa de la Villa). The Centro de EstudiosHispanicos and the Spanish language courses are mainly given at Campus de laDehesa de la Villa, which is very easily reached by metro or bus.

University of Antonio de Nebrija offers several types of courses throughout the year, except August when theyare closed. They have specialty courses as well as general, broad-basedcourses, each are also split into different levels so students who are completebeginners to those who are almost fluent will gain from them.

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About Madrid

Madrid is Spain’s capital and largestcity; it’s located in the center of the country making it a linking point withall other places in Spain. Madrid is regarded as a majorcity in the world due to its economic, political and cultural assets.

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