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Spanish Courses At Gran Canaria(Canary Islands)

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(Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

It is the "CursosHispanicos" from the University of Gran Canaria that offers various SpanishLanguage courses throughout the year. It is a young University but has beentraining foreign students in Spanish for several years now.

Summer Course

Just likethe Grammar course + Communicative Practice course students of 17 years orolder can attend this course to learn or improve their Spanish. It is onlygiven during the summer months and has a minimum length of 2 weeks.

  • Hours per week: 20
  • Levels: All
  • Course duration: from 2 to 6 weeks
  • Start dates 2009:July
Time Official Price Our Special Price
2 weeks 360 Euro 340 Euro
4 weeks 640 Euro 610 Euro
6 weeks 960 Euro 910 Euro
8 weeks 1280 Euro 1215 Euro

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Language and CultureCourse for Residents

This coursecombines grammar lessons with communicative practice and has a total of 50hours divided into sessions of two hours, three times per week. Each groupconsists of minimum 6 and maximum 14 students.

  • Hours per week: 6
  • Levels: All
  • Course duration: 2 months
  • Start dates 2009: EveryMonday(pleasecontact us for availability).
Time Official Price Our Special Price
50 hours 325 Euro 310 Euro

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If you need accommodation in Gran Canaria (Canary Islands), please contact us for moreinformation and prices. Don’t forget to let us know the type of accommodationyou are looking for and for how long you wish to rent it.


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