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Study Spanish at University of Alicante

Universityof Alicante

TheUniversity of Alicante (Universitat d'Alacant in Valenciano) wasdeveloped in 1979 in union with the Center of University Studies, CEU, whichopened in 1968.  This was the firstuniversity for Alicante since 1834 when the former University of Orihuela wasclosed.  With the first class sessions in1968-69 there were just 230 students enrolled. Today the University is home to over 33,000 students.  Besides offering Spanish language courses,University of Alicante has over 50 degrees and one of Spain's most reputableresearch institues.

Thecampus is considered to be one of the best in all of Europe.  It has one of the best urban designs withinnovative structures and buildings.  Thearea encompassing the University is very environmentally-friendly, with abeautiful landscape mixed into the rich culture of the campus. 

Spanish Courses At University of Alicante

At the University of Alicante the International RelationsCentre (La Sociedad de Relaciones Internacionales – SRI) is responsible fororganizing and teaching Spanish Language Courses.

All coursesare taught at the University Campus which is known for it’s spacious greenareas, modern buildings, infrastructures and student facilities. The teachersare all fully qualified with a professional training in Teaching Spanish as aForeign Language. They have a vast teaching experience and are an importantreference for the students.

The SpanishLanguage courses are offered throughout the academic year as well as during thesummer months. The standard courses have 3 hours per day and students can addan extra hour per day with the Complementary Courses. This way, students candesign a course according to their needs and wishes.

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About Alicante

Alicanteis the capital city of the Alicante province in the Autonomous region of theValencian Community.  Alicante is the 5thmost populated province in Spain with its population of over 1,700,000 people;the city of Alicante is home to about 320,000 of those inhabitants. 

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