Learn Spanish at University of Valladolid

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Spanish Courses At Valladolid University

Study Spanish Courses At University of Valladolid

Valladolid UniversityThe Spanish courses offered at theUniversity of Valladolid are taught in the Centrode Idiomas (Language Center), a modern building equipped with the latestlanguage instruction technologies. The center is located in the Miguel Delibescampus, home to the University’s most modern schools and buildings. Each roomis fitted with audiovisual systems, and the center also enjoys an expansivelibrary and a language laboratory.

Courses are organized in small groupsto provide students with an optimal level of personalized attention and qualityinstruction from fully qualified and highly experienced teachers. Levels aretaught all the way from A2 to C2 according to the CommonEuropean Framework of Reference for Languages.

The Language Center’s on-campuslocation and the fact that it also hosts foreign language courses directed atnative students makes it easy for foreign students to integrate into universitylife. Students at the language center are also given a school ID, whichprovides access to university services such as the sports facilities and gym.All in all, the campus and the Language Center make up a functional, safeenvironment ideal for the learning and practice of Spanish.

“Short Stay” Course (October – May)

This course offers students who wish tolearn or improve their Spanish quickly and effectively the opportunity to incorporateinto existing Language Center programs. The program includes an initial leveltest, extracurricular activities and workshops at the Language Center, studentcard, free on-campus Wi-Fi access and certificate of attendance.

  • Hours per week: 15
  • Levels: All
  • Course duration: From 2 weeks