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Spanish Courses At Madrid University (A. Nebrija)

Study Spanish Courses At University of Madrid (A. Nebrija)

Madrid University Antonio NebrijaAntonio de Nebrija University isa private and independent institution in Madrid. The University is recognized by the Spanishgovernment and offers several international programs and courses. It iscomprised of two campuses; in the city is the Campus de la Dehesa de la Villa,and the other is just outside of the Madrid, called Campus de la Berzosa. Mainly the Spanishcourses are taught at the Campus de la Dehesa de la Villa which is about 15 minutesfrom the Madrid’s city center near the university area. It iseasily accessible by public transportation, either bus or metro.

The University is named afterAntonio de Nebrija, the first grammarian of the Spanish language and ahumanist. Language is a huge part of the school’s curriculum and thus, theyhave created a special center specifically for the studying of Spanish toforeigners. Since 1985, the Centro deEstudios Hispanicos Antonio de Nebrija, has been focused on training andteaching students and professionals to speak Spanish as well as the Spanishculture. They offer a wide range of programs during the year, except duringAugust, when they are closed.

Students attending Antonio deNebrija will also participate in cultural activities and have the option to goon some excursions. International students will co-exist in the Universityamong the Spanish students; the facilities are all of high quality compared tomany public schools throughout Spain. Foreign students will receive a student card uponarrival that will give them access to all these events and services.

NOTE: For all courses at the University of Antonio de Nebrija there is an additional inscription fee of 60 euros.

Standard SpanishLanguage Course

The standard Spanish courses areoffered twice per year, once in January and once in September.

  • Hours per week: 20
  • Levels: All
  • Course duration: 1 month