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Spanish Courses At Alicante University

Study Spanish Courses At University of Alicante

Students at Spanish CourseAt the University of Alicante the International RelationsCentre (La Sociedad de Relaciones Internacionales – SRI) is responsible fororganizing and teaching Spanish Language Courses.

All coursesare taught at the University Campus which is known for it’s spacious greenareas, modern buildings, infrastructures and student facilities. The teachersare all fully qualified with a professional training in Teaching Spanish as aForeign Language. They have a vast teaching experience and are an importantreference for the students.

The SpanishLanguage courses are offered throughout the academic year as well as during thesummer months. The standard courses have 3 hours per day and students can addan extra hour per day with the Complementary Courses. This way, students candesign a course according to their needs and wishes.

Standard SpanishLanguage Course

This coursehas been designed for students who wish to learn and/or improve their Spanishquickly and effectively.

  • Hoursper week: 15
  • Levels:All
  • Courseduration: from 2 weeks
  • Startdate: Any Monday, except for Absolute beginners*
  • Note: Thiscourse can be combined with Complementary Courses (Spanish for SpecificPurposes).